Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Porn Madness

I just did something rare for me: I wrote a letter to an Editor at salon.com. There was an article about the 'straight' (i.e., heterosexual) USA porn industry's refusal to accept the reality of HIV/AIDS; so I responded to it:

"Letters to the Editor
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Porn's last taboo: Protected sex The industry is resisting a push for condom-only smut and not just because it makes far less money Tracy Clark-Flory [2009-08-25]

porn madness

I happen to live in the world's no. 1 HIV-infected nation, on the world's no. 1 infected continent, so the very thought of advocating sex without condoms and/or testing is absolute madness. The only reason fuelling such insanity is money and the greed for it, no matter what the 'workers' say. Ultimately the business is just that--a business-- and those who object to 'latex wear-and-tear' could at least push for testing.

-- swazifiction
Tuesday, August 25, 2009 02:21 AM"


Just a note that I'm now using ScribeFire (a Firefox add-on) to write my blogs and upload to this site. Originally I'd thought I could use Apple's iWeb, but that's really a dedicated .Mac app, so I looked around and found this add-on instead. For the techies, I'm writing this on a Macbook 3 running Leopard.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Facebook Ghosts

This morning, when I fired up Facebook, I was presented with a selection of my friends... and this pic was amongst them. I remember persuading Tiffany to try FB, and she did, although for a while I was her only friend listed there. Eventually she went on to add a lot of others, which was great. Now, of course, it's a ghost site, with that beautiful smile fixed there forever. A lot of us have added our farewells, but we know she won't ever be signing in to read them or to close down her pages. I wonder how many other ghost sites are out there.

Monday, August 3, 2009

On being named the most handsome man on Facebook

They got it right of course.

And why shouldn't they?

The evidence is there for all to see:

after all, the man they voted for

is me.

I mean, those elegaic eyes

and animate face;

that husky voice

and hunter's grace;

those legs

so attractive they

could almost be a woman's;

that torso

more like a god's

than a human's.

It's undeniable, there for all to see.

But still,

"In your dreams, dear, in your dreams,"

is what she said to me.

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