Wednesday, November 25, 2009

You Missable Miss

You are such a missable Miss:
whenever you're not around
I miss you big big time.

You see,
a long long time
with you always seems such
a small short time
to me.

I miss
your voice
your smile
your walk
your talk
your all-the-while
and the occasional presents
you surprise me with;
and obviously
I also miss
the morning hug
and goodnight kiss
from you,
my missable Miss.

Monday, November 9, 2009

'anti-piracy' driven by porn

Today I discovered something that shocked me, but of course it had been obvious all the time: I just hadn't been thinking. All along I believed that it was the record and film companies that were behind the anti-piracy crack-down that has turned nasty in some parts of the world, especially the States. I was wrong. The anti-piracy crack-down is being driven by the porn industry. It makes sense now that I think about it--the porn industry makes at least ten times the amount of money that all forms of music do and porn is everywhere, especially on the Web. Check the following link: and scroll down to where the 'copyrighted material that's being illegally downloaded' is listed. Check the titles. Ha!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009



Removing my shoes
I enter your sanctuary:
perspiration swirls sweet
on the air like incense;
the choir stomps Alleluias;
the Gates of Heaven beckon;
and our communion
flows like the finest wine.



Lunwele lwakho,
luphahla lufulele;
emehlo akho,
umlomo wakho,
uyindlu yekutsandza mine!

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