Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pamela's Popcorn

Pamela's Popcorn (27th September)

Oh, Pamela, when did you last serve me popcorn? When did you last bat at no.9 in a limited-overs match?

I respect your cooking, I admire your line, and of course I love your... but... it's your after-shave I really like and the scent of the cream that you wear throughout the day. We perspire when we play,  never shirk the work of the rolling fire, the rush, the big-up desire to be there, to be really there, whatever the emotional weather. We play cricket on a sticky wicket knowing it's always a thrill to score.

Don't tell me the season's over: there's still more: it's only September; don't tell me you're busy; only remember how it was, how good it was. The ball remains clean in the hand, the catch is still in the slips.

Oh, Pamela, when did you last serve me popcorn? I'm stuck in this bar with a packet of chips.

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