Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blowing the 2010 trumpet (vuvuzela)

Today, in the UK Times, there is this comment: "Shame on the visiting footballers and coaches who, before the World Cup has even begun, are whining about the noise made by vuvuzelas, the metre-long plastic trumpets with which South African football fans serenade and spur on their team!"
The sound made by the vuvuzelas is in fact entirely appropriate since it is South Africa that is hosting the football World Cup. It is exactly the sound familiar to gentlemen like President Zuma, who, as a past herdboy, will know the sound intimately; it is the sound made by cows in the field--deep and indeed deeply monotonous. But that's what you get from cows. In case people don't remember, this region is rooted on cow culture: the structure and shape of homesteads (kraals), the use of cow manure for a variety of things, the notion of cows being a sign of wealth--even for paying marriage dowry (lobola). And as a vegetarian I can personally attest to the multitude of dishes that involve cuts and pieces of cow. I'm not particularly a fan either, but come Friday my ears will also be ringing to that sound.

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