Friday, November 12, 2010

Kings of Leon Come Around Sundown snippet

As a huge KOL fan, I should have written a review of the new album Come Around Sundown about eight weeks ago, when I first heard it. This is not that review, just a snippet from the front line.

Mixtapemaestro recently posted a Cee-Lo cover of Radioactive (the new KOL single) on his excellent blog with the comment that the cover makes the KOL original 'irrelevant'. Unfortunately, I hear what he means. I don't particularly like Cee-Lo's version but I hadn't realised before what a great gospel song this could be with the right performance and arrangement. (I'm thinking Sharon Jones or Mavis Staples or even Aretha here.)

Come Around Sundown is KOL's most polished album yet. And to my ears that's the problem. I put the Cee-Lo cover on replay, listened to it ten times or so, and then listened to KOL's original. I got about half-way through when I ejected it and played Aha Shake Heartbreak instead. Now, that's the music I like.

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