Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The five rites & the physiological clock

The Five Rites (google it!) is an exercise system reputedly more than 2000 years old but described by Peter Kelder in a book first published in the 1920s. It isn't described as a fitness system but rather as a way to reset the body's chakras, the seven spinning wheels of energy. I've been practising the five rites daily for over five months now and I can tell you that they work: I have more energy, more muscle, less grey hair (the grey is actually disappearing), a sharper mind and a greater feeling of well-being. And I sleep better too. Amazing? Certainly. Miraculous? Perhaps.
The rites seem to work by kick-starting the endocrine system, resetting the physiological clock. That's true for me at least-- I really do feel that I'm youthing rather than aging. Apart from the hair, energy, etc., I've been getting a few spots on my face that I haven't seen for the last twenty years: spots that are hormonal in origin. There have been other changes too, too many to mention here. I shan't be stopping this programme. The five rites are for life (both meanings are intended).

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