Friday, June 12, 2009

rNb rock still rulz

Ever since I was a teen I've loved rNb based rock bands; I'm from south London (Chelsea's my home team), so I grew up on a diet of all the London mod bands: the Who, the Kinks, the Yardbirds, and supremely the Small Faces. I still listen-- a lot!-- to the Small Faces, but now I've added Paramore and Kings Of Leon. Recently I listened to the SF's All Or Nothing and KOL's Sex On Fire back-2-back and confirmed that it's the same sound. It really is. There's the same rNb base, the same driving energy, the same hormonally-charged-group-instrument-playing-and-arranging thing. Is this perhaps why KOL are bigger in the UK than back in the States? They know it too: check out the lyrics to Fans (it's on their 3rd album).

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