Friday, August 6, 2010

Bush Fire! [2]

Well, I'm a little tired today, since this is Swaziland and this is Winter and the merry arsonists were at it again last night setting fire to the hillsides. I suppose it's both a feeling-rush of power and also some cheap entertainment for these people. Anyway, sound carries really well at night and at about 11pm I was woken up by the crackling and cackling of a big bush fire. My house is fielded on three sides by raw bush-- acres and acres of it-- so I have to take that sound seriously. A few years ago I was up with my housekeeper fighting a fire most of a night. It almost burnt the house down. I've since built a protecting wall but bush fires are still a threat. Through the night I kept dozing off, waking to check on the progress on the fire, then doze off again. All is well but, as I say, I'm tired today.

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