Thursday, January 10, 2008

Nublado Economy

Back in Swaziland, back in school, two days of rain in this cold mountain town... what a life! Our weather right now matches our depressed economy. January is always a quiet month for shopkeepers and bar owners (spent too much at Christmas, school fees to pay, etc) but this year is even deader than usual: parts of the city are like a ghost town. And, like the rain, there's no sunshine in sight, just dark clouds, nublado. But there's still good music to listen to at least: the 2006 Lura album (Cabo Verde, reminds of the days when we did have some sun) and Pink Floyd's Pulse concert (England, music to suit the grey skies); and a fun but really crummy film coming your way soon--The Last Legion, starring some familiar faces and a gorgeous Bollywood heroine.

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