Monday, January 14, 2008

Schools are closed... but busy!

As far as much of the country is concerned, schools are currently closed and teachers are basking in the sun (or in the rain as it often is this year) but in actual fact the schools are very busy. Firstly, there are the myriad parents dragging their offspring from school-to-school in the desperate chase for places--mostly in Forms 1 and 4. Some of this could have been prevented by better planning, but for others it is because of good results in the exam results released last week that inspired the desire for a 'better' school. Secondly, there are the buildings to maintain--paint jobs, repairs, etc. Then there are the necessary admin jobs such as staffing and a new timetable to draft, and so on. And we must not forget all those who wrote the IGCSE exams last year and who are nervously awaiting their results. As the nerves fray, so they call or visit their schools, looking for news...

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