Friday, June 6, 2008

Toxic Sobriety (1992)

Captured by your beauty
and shocked by your love
like a drunk
I drove back into town.
The shoplights were on
though there was nothing much to see
and somewhere a radio played a sad song.

Did you tell me in words
or just through your eyes?
Did I feel your embrace
or just your surprise?
I loved your cool charm
and the strength of your mind;
you were easy to talk to
and obviously kind.
You opened to me
like a slow-blooming flower
and we spoke about much
for hour after hour.

The traffic cops stopped me,
thought I'd had beer or whisky or wine;
'No fear,' I said, 'just a good time.
I'm drunk on a woman,
that's what you see,
it's the intoxication of love,
toxic sobriety.'
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